Thank you, PLD!!!

It all began on the 9th tee of the 9th Annual Post Labor Day Golf Tournament, the Island Hole. Using an eight iron, my drive drifted a little to the left, landing off the green on the cart path. Taking out a four iron, I was able to bump and run onto the green about 15 feet away from the pin. The putt was drained, and I was in the contest with a par. Incredibly, this led to my winning of the Island Hole!!

My family, with our nine month old daughter Amelia, rented a house on Martha's Vineyard for the first week of August 2002. Here are some pictures of our adventure!


My wife and I had been to the Vineyard a few times before, but this was the first time we would have the baby with us. With all the necessary "baby gear", we decided to try and bring a car across on the Ferry.  Without getting into the details, it's not easy to get a reservation, but with some persistance, we got one and were able to get the car over there with all the gear!! Here we are waiting (Amelia in her new backpack!)....and waiting....and watching boat after boat leave without us!!! We had a 9:45pm reservation but were told if we arrived early we would get over earlier, well, we got to Woods Hole at noon and the earliest boat we could get one was the 7:30pm!! Not sure if you can spot the Silver VUE in the middle of the "staging area", as we were finally nearly on a boat. And on the boat while the sun was still out, nice...


Predictably, a lot of time was spent "relaxing" on the beach...I put that in quotes since most of you out there with children know how much "relaxing" you can do...after the first day at the beach, Amelia realized that sand was not meant to be eaten. Getting her to stay on the blanket and keep the sand out of her...well...diaper was another story. It was a rare occasion that she took a nap all week, but twice she did fall asleep at the beach for a whole 15 minutes!


We drove out to Menemsha to take in a nice sunset...the clouds had other ideas...then the fog rolled in and we could barely see 2 feet in front of us! Obviously, those pictures didn't come out.


Found a GREAT BBQ place...killer brisket!! Amelia preferred to eat the table at one the "meat wagon"!


Edgartown is always a nice visit...Edgartown harbor with its lighthouse in the background.


Saw a vineyard...on the vineyard (ha!)...they make their own wine, we had many samples!

Love the campground...if you haven't been to the island, this alone is worth the ferry ride. It's an area of all summer cottages that are all painted to look like doll houses. The famous "Pink House" is for sale, for a measly sum of $379,000. Not bad for a house you can only use for four months of the year!

The Lighthouse at Gay Head, cool pics...nearly got a ticket driving "home" from here, but the officer kindly gave me a warning since I was with my instructed, I slowed down on the way home from there...good thing, there were 4 other speed traps!!! And no, for those that were wondering, we did not go to the nude beach...

Random Amelia pictures....check out "her" store!

At the house we rented, Amelia in what I'm sure she thought was "jail", ha ha...mmmm, leftovers!


Amelia was kind enough to spend many late nights with us out at the various bars!! Took in a jazz concert at the Off Shore Ale House on our first night, she loved the guitar guy - we (me) loved the homemade Nut Brown Ale. Karaoke (twice!) at Season's was a blast (cheap beer, yea!)....I couldn't convnice the guy to let her on stage to sing, though. I wasn't sure if she was going to have to carry us home from the Tex-Mex place we ate at one night....the pitchers of Sangria were flowing!!! Sorry, no pics of all that stuff.....but thought it worth mentioning.


Thank you all! We had a great time!

Our dog was happy to see us when we got home!